Over $600K Collected With A Proven eCommerce Product 
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Launch Has Been Postponed. Will Announce New Dates
When We Have Them 

$640K Collected All Via Webinars
This Webinar Has Been Battle Tested & Ricky Approved
What People Say About Ricky's Webinar Skills
Teaming Up With The BEST of The BEST
When an 8 Figure eCommerce Master Jared Gotez,
Teams up with Ricky Mataka & Mike Long.
This is PROVEN Conversions and BIG Money For You!
Here's What's In It For You:
Earn 40% Commissions For Each Sale On A Proven Product
Earn some HUGE COMMISSIONS we have paid only ran this promotion internally with a REAL select
few affiliates meaning this is SUPER FRESH and positioned to help the market with eCommerce
This Promotion Includes Automated Drop Shipping Software & Super Hot Products Tool
(Over 500K Invested In The Platform)
Not only do they get top notch up to date eCommerce training, your subscribers and customers get FREE access to Silk Road Pro! This is our Ali Express KILLER. With the click of a button you can upload super hot products to shopify all auto fulfilled (demo on that below). But they ALSO get access to a software that literally HANDS them winning hot products in many niches with HOT video ads, targeting and MUCH MORE!! (This is a FIRE promo)

10% Commissons @ 2nd Tier - With The New Kartra Platform Integrated 
Not only does your subscribers win for giving them this opportunity, but we also pay 10% on a second tier commission. So if you LOVE what we do, refer people to us and we will crush it for EVERYONE
What Mike Long Said About My Last Launch
Some Partners Who Supported Slingly &
My Previous Launches
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Why Will Your List Love
eCom Hacks Academy Program
Jared Alone has produced multiple millions with his eCommerce ventures
but he also helped his students crack 6 & 7 Figures. The Proof below is just a
little taste of what we show on the webinar
Also One of the biggest hurdles our customers face when running successful ecommerce shops is the tech heavy debt to set components up on various sales platforms such as Shopify, let alone picking the RIGHT products!! With Silk Road Platform & EH Product Finder included in this SOLID NO BRAINER OFFER. We solve all these problems and even handles fulfilling these items at profitable margins. 
We Hit It On The Nose With This One...
Just a Small test Segment
All Our Sequences Are Dialed In Doing
$50-100k Plus Per Webinar Round
Here is The REAL Conversion Trippler!
Not only do we have incredible time tested software that we use everyday in house, we turn our customers into power-sellers and give them the same opportunity to mange inventory, source products through our system and so much more!
FACT – Ecom Hacks Academy is a PROVEN course that is getting our customers insane results!
We also have an AMAZING Bonus package that will be LIVE for all of you to make CASH on
so make sure you book your webinar spots NOW!
FACT – The software package is proven, we have people making thousands in revenue. We use the software in-house to generate multiple 6 figures in revenue from our stores. Give your list the opportunity to do the same with Silk Road & EH Product Finder
FACT – We took care of all the tedious and time consuming things that stop people from getting into ecommerce or scaling it up "this is a NO EXCUSE platform"
FACT – Our Webinar and Sales sequence is already proven over 600K. We are only tipping the
ice burg here! So many people have no idea amazing tech like this even exists. Make your subscribers and pockets happy with a proven conversion trippler that already is producing massive success
FACT – We have thousands of proven products your customers can get creative, targeting, 1 click auto fulfill across many niches and growing every single day. Give your subscribers the chance to finally succeed with proven training and massive dropshipping opportunity 
FACT: Our Landers have Been Battle Tested
With Up To 46% Conversions Per Run (Warm & Cold Traffic)
The Logic Behind Silk Road & Ecom Hacks Academy
 Produces Results
Adrian Morrison On Partnering
With Me & My Team
Check What Don Wilson Has To Say
About Ricky & My Launches
Andrew Fox On My Launches
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